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We make every move with a forward-looking mindset.

Who We Are

Eastone Equities is a diversified real estate company that owns, operates, invests in and develops a diverse portfolio of multifamily, condominium, hotel, retail, industrial and office assets.

In early 2000s Eastone began investing in distressed real estate.  During the financial crisis of the late 2000s, when real asset pricing was depressed, we went against the market and scored major successes. At the same time, the Eastone team invested heavily in affordable and rent-controlled units and became one of the largest landlords of rent-regulated housing in New York City, operating over 10,000 units.

Over the years, Eastone has continued to capitalize on its land reserves by developing transit-oriented multifamily and hotel projects, primarily aimed at the middle-market. In the past two decades, Eastone Equities has navigated through economic cycles and achieved over 30% annual growth.

Going forward, we seek to continue generating attractive returns through proactively acquiring quality assets at discounts, developing to highest and best uses, operating leanly and nimbly and focusing on transit-oriented markets with enduring growth potential.

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