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Eastone Equities has a strong multilingual team which dedicates to financing for all of our projects. By integrating technology, the firm is at the front end of sourcing capital from diverse channels that are frequently overlooked by other firms. The global company also has strong worldwide presence which gives the firm a unique competitive edge, provided with lower interests of debt and an extensive network of investors.


Eastone Equities’ well-rounded team specializing in every facet of the real estate industry has demonstrated strong capabilities to ensure sustainable value creation of its assets. With outstanding efficiency, superior service and exceptional operating expertise, Eastone Equities has upgraded the performance of numerous types of properties, such as multifamily, office, retail, hotel, industrial and mixed-use, thus maximizing return for its investors.


Since 2008, Eastone Equities has acquired more than 10 projects with more than 4 million SF in total. 

Eastone Equities has consistently acquired real estate asset types ranging from multifamily, office, retail, hotel, industrial and mixed-use properties with premium locations at the heart of the neighborhoods. By identifying the right opportunities with a focus on emerging markets with great growth potential, the firm has strategically acquired properties that create ongoing value to strengthen its portfolio.


By conducting thorough market research and feasibility analysis, Eastone Equities could understand the current market conditions and take advantage of future real estate demand to create assets that elevate the living conditions of the local neighborhoods. Having an excellent construction team with advantages in procurement and management, Eastone Equities delivers unparalleled landmark real estate projects. By combining functional environment and innovative design, the firm not only provides physical spaces for people to work and live in, but also shapes the future lifestyles of all generations.


Pioneering and Reliable Development Team

-  Offering vertically integrated real estate services, combining acquisition, design, planning, construction, financing, marketing, and operation.

-  Rigorously supervising every step of each project and ensuring quality deliveries.

-  Experienced team of experts from real estate development, management, construction, finance, marketing, finance, and law.

Track Record

-  Eastone and its business partners jointly acquired, invested, developed, and managed projects over 4 million square feet across asset classes including hotel, retail, industrial, office, multifamily, and mixed-use properties.

Rigorous Risk Control for Each Project

-  Eastone Projects’ leverage ratios are lower than the average in the industry.

-  Eastone prioritizes stable growth and aims to maximize return while maintaining a low-risk profile.

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